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From Jerry DeLemus


It came to me this morning while thinking about the coup that has been leveled against President Trump from those in our law enforcement community, especially those within the FBI and DOJ, that there is a similarity between their actions and Bureau of Land Management Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love (see Bundy Ranch 2014). Some of these agents within our own government feel as though they are "untouchables" and that they are so well protected by their position or goals that they can break the very laws they are sworn to defend.

Interestingly BLM SAC Daniel P. Love was just the type of agent the FBI would have used against President Trump. Love didn't care about the law unless he could use it to his advantage. Sadly the misbehavior of agents like Strzok (FBI) and Love (BLM) were aided by equally lawless U.S. Attorneys in a system that believed itself above the law. In fact that system acted above the law and still has some within it that continue doing so today.

We pray that Mr. Durham, who was appointed by Attorney General Barr, prosecutes those within our system who abuse and break our nation's laws but we are still not confident this will actually happen. This concern is not misplaced as the history of the DOJ gives us well founded concerns. We have a system where those charged in cases involving very powerful people can be murdered while in Federal custody. "Dead men tell no tales" certainly rings true when we think of Epstein and Whitey Bolger's recent deaths while in Federal custody.

Will Mr. Durham actually indict those who are known to be involved in the conspiracy to overthrow President Trump in a coup? For the regular citizens of America the DOJ has no problem piling on charges on their indictments that are certainly baseless and they always seem to top them off with the charge of conspiracy. They use the charge of conspiracy due to the fact that it is difficult to disprove and it is a blanket type of charge. We all know there was a conspiracy waged against then candidate Trump and now President Trump to overthrow his election. This would have been called treason not so many years ago but now it is just treated by the media and Democrats as politics. Overturning a lawful election is NOT politics it's criminal.

It may be that the Marxists, or as they like to be called Democrats, are going to continue to fan the flames of violence and rioting until the Durham indictments are released. In this way these Marxists will have rioters in place to inflict more damage on those who dare to oppose their Communist goals.

We should keep our eyes open and watch out for China while all of this is happening as the Communist Chinese government will not let an opportunity slip by if they can use it to further their goals of worldwide Communism. Taiwan and India are having real trouble with the Chinese Communist government not to mention they have already overtaken Hong Kong without much trouble.

This makes me curious as to where the Democrats in Washington are in calling for the "rights and freedoms" of those in Hong Kong who stood alone in opposition to the Communist Chinese attacks.

We know where the Democrats have been, they have been busy trying to overthrow our Executive branch of government by waging a coup of their own.

Lest those who have gone before us to preserve our republic and way of life have done so in vain we had better stand up for our values and our nation against the lawless masses incited by the Communists and the Democrats within our own country. Let freedom ring we have been told so it is time we did just that lest we lose our nation and our freedoms.

Semper Fi,


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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

Here is how you can support Jerry and his homecoming.

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