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From Jerry DeLemus March 18th,2020

When the now infamous corona virus first made the news and caught our attention it was already on it's way to becoming a pandemic. When I first learned it originated in China I was suspicious of how this happened. As we watch this panic play out around the world and in America leaving financial destruction in it's wake with in reality a very low mortality rate my curiosity again was aroused. So here is the "what if", what if China being really upset with our tariffs and defense of our markets decided to supply a little payback? I'm not claiming this to be a fact but it is a possibility. The province where this disease originated houses China's biological test facility. If China wanted to hit us back financially but not cause a large number of deaths a flu is a pretty good way, especially if they knew how it behaved. America has had only about 100 deaths so far out of a population of 330,000,000 people this is only a fraction of a percentage of fatalities. There have only been approximately 6000 cases reported in America and that too is a small number. Now we haven't tested everyone nor should we as what is the point?

America's stock market has lost about one third of it's value in a couple of weeks and that is certainly a crippling hit to our economy. If China is really "intentionally" behind this what would America do if we knew it? It's tough to prove and if our government stated they knew China intentionally caused this pandemic there would be a call from some to go to war which would be horrific at best for all sides. So what would our response be as not many people died from it even as of this date worldwide? Now if it had been a biological attack we would know it and our response would be extreme but the flu, probably not so much. Is this possibly a "tit for tat"? Worth considering as China is not our friend and turned on us immediately after we helped save them from Japan in World War 2. They have been aggressively working in the Sea of Japan to occupy islands and they also have been waging a war on our nation through computers and stealing our inventions. We are flooded with counterfeit products from them and it is harmful to our nation's economy. Just because we don't think we would do such a thing doesn't mean China wouldn't.

So "what if" this panic was intentionally started by China, it's worth thinking about as we can now see how unprepared we are as a nation to deal with even a non lethal attack of a flu virus. When this panic subsides the death toll I believe will be small in comparison to the economic damage we are and will suffer from it. Our nation is nearing martial law in it's reaction to this flu bug and we march like good little sheep to wherever we're told. What if?

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

Here is how you can support Jerry and his homecoming.

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