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What is Lawlessness?

From Jerry DeLemus


Several years ago my wife Susan and I were discussing Scripture and politics as usual and we were both called to pay special attention to the word "lawless". We spoke of lawlessness in our meetings with the groups we organized and at a number of political events and even when interviewed by the media. Here today in our nation we are getting a good look at what a lawless people look like. We see riots, murder, shootings, fire bombings, looting and beatings by those that are in fact lawless. What is lawlessness which may seem like a silly question but in fact we as a people really don't pay much attention to it. When we are acting without the law either by our own personal choice or that there is not any enforcement of the law we will experience lawlessness. Turn on your television and you will see the results of lawlessness and these results are not good. The policeman that murdered Mr. Floyd was acting lawlessly and his rebellion or rejection of the law resulted in the murder of Mr. Floyd. This lawless act then resulted in more lawlessness by those that were lawless in their hearts but now had what was in their minds an excuse to behave lawlessly.

Laws are to be good and to be obeyed and when the laws are not good they are to be changed. We use our U.S. Constitution as the "law of the land". The foundation of all of our nation's laws is that Constitution. This is what our Supreme Court uses to judge cases of law that come before them to see if they are in harmony with our Constitution. If they are not they are to be judged so and if they are they are to be upheld. What about God's law. The 10 Commandments are those valid laws we may ask as for me and my house yes they are and every other law in the world is secondary to those Commandments. This is how the people of God can discern what is just and what is not. If man denies our Constitution then they will put laws in place that are in fact illegal because they conflict with the Constitution. If we the people of God deny the Commandments as being our truest form of law we put ourselves in a position of rebelling against God and accepting untruths as a basis for our decisions. This is dangerous for us in every decision we make as we are then ourselves lawless.

There are those that claim I'm saved under grace and the law was nailed to the cross. Well I would advise you to read more than just a verse of Scripture and to read the Scriptures in their entirety. The Commandments were not nailed to the cross but certainly those false teachings added to the Commandments were. True we can be saved by grace but that doesn't allow us to break God's Commandments or we in fact are acting lawless and then in rebellion against God. That if you recall is what satan did in the Garden of Eden with Eve he taught rebellion. Rebellion against what? God's will and His will is that we obey His Commandments lest we are lawless. The Scripture warns us about the man of lawlessness and I fear he has overtaken the pulpits of our churches in many instances and now out into our streets. Which of the Commandments is not good to keep? Read them in Exodus chapter 20 and see which ones you reject. Even Jesus (Yeshua) learned obedience by His suffering the Scripture tells us. What's obedience you may inquire. To be obedient you must be given an order or directive or maybe a law. Now if we are not breaking the Commandments we are not under the law and they have no hold over us for punishment. If however we are breaking even one of them we put ourselves under the law and as we are told we have "like a dog returned to our vomit". That means we have returned to practicing sin. Transgression of the Law is sin as we are told in 1John and without any law at all there cannot be any sin. If that is the case that there is no law how can our world sin so very much as we see it doing? How come pastors at the pulpit call his congregation sinners? Well if your pastor is calling you a sinner and its true then you best repent but if its not true then you need to call him out on his bearing false witness. False witness, uh oh that's one of the 10 Commandments and if he's doing that he is sinning against God and he best repent.

If you wonder why we are in the state we are in now look to the pulpits and see if you are being led by a man of God or a hireling as Jesus (Yeshua) called them. Remember who Yeshua (Jesus) had the most trouble with when He came to be the light of the world it was the church and it's leaders, man. Don't be mislead but rather be obedient and faithful to our Father and to His Son our King of kings. Your salvation rests on it.

Semper Fi, (another "ambassador in chains")


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