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What would you sacrifice?

11/6/20 Americans are living through a time that will change the entire course of our Nation. We have been given a chance by having a President who isn't a Career Politician or in the pocket of any group. We've watched the Corrupt within our government try to overthrow his Presidency as well as seen the (Government) Propagandist Media aid them in this attempt. He has fought off most of this by himself with the sole desire to see Americans have the opportunity to succeed in life, with all of the blessings of a free Nation.

That Nation's Government and Propagandist Media as well as those with extreme wealth and power have done all in their power to unseat him. He has been called a traitor and everything under the sun yet he still fought to clean up our Government and help our Nation to prosper.

Now we know and can see that the Leftists within the Federal Government and the State and Local Governments in Democrat controlled States and Cities, with the help of the Propagandist Media, to include Fox News, is doing all they can to corrupt our Elections. They do this by blaming the Russians for causing mistrust in our election process when the problem isn't Russia at all, rather it is those groups I've named. We have seen our election process corrupted in a number of ways. They ignore issues of substance if the candidate is a Leftist regardless of how valid the information is on issues that are vital for the Citizens of our Nation to know. The Leftists gobble up and print any rumor or made up story if it undermines our President. We've all seen it and know this to be true.

So here is the question. What are you willing to do to defend our Nation and our Constitution? Sounds easy enough but it isn't easy at all. We think because we listen to conservative Talk Radio and shake our head in agreement or that we vote for candidates we believe will do the right thing that we have done our part. Some of us run for office and some of get elected and we see some change take place but that is usually washed away the next time a RINO or Democrat is elected in our place. Have we even really thought hard about what cost we are willing to pay to preserve our Republic? We think a rally and spending a few hours attending and spending money on shirts or hats should cover our responsibility but it's not enough.

Why do we think in the last paragraph of our Declaration of Independence the signers stated, "We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor"? Are those just words, were they just words to the men who signed that declaration? In reality they were branded 'Traitors to England' by the King and would have been hung as such if captured. Makes our Tee shirts with our favorite political phrase seem pretty small in comparison doesn't it. I've been told by friends that they don't know if they would have gone to Bunkerville Nevada to put their life on the line to try and keep a family they don't know from being shot by FBI sniper teams. That truly is our problem, as our sacrifices will be made until they start costing us or putting ourselves in harms way. If not you or me, who then? If our Founding Fathers hadn't stood up against a corrupted government and claimed "no further" when their neighbors were being abused where would we be now? Our condition isn't too far off from where they found themselves. We've been told we can't attend church, go to work, get married, bury our dead, visit our family or friends who are sick and go outside because of curfews (to name a few). So what else do we have to lose?

We have become sheep and fearful of any personal cost to do what is right. I'm not talking about money I'm talking about taking up a position to stand for our Nation and the beliefs and values it was founded on.

President Trump has given more than we know for our Nation and he has been savagely attacked by those who truly hate the values we were founded on. The reasons our cemeteries are filled with our War Dead who gave all to defend our Nation, us and our way of life. Our vote isn't enough and it isn't the entirety of our Civic Duty. We must stand up and let President Trump know that we support him and our lawful government and we will not just be tolerant of those who would steal our freedoms.

So what will we sacrifice to keep our Nation? It's certainly worth asking yourself. We must stand up and use our voices and our energies to defend America and to rally others to say "no further". We are not serfs of Wall Street, the Silicon Valley billionaires or those who would drag us into Marxism. We are a REPUBLIC, remember "for which it stands one Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all".

Semper Fi, Jerry

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