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Why are they so Panicked?

From Jerry DeLemus March 30, 2020

First off I keep all of you in my daily prayers. If man has so much faith in science and denies God why are they so panicked? Lack of faith is the reason our nation is behaving the way it is. For if they truly believed that God, His Son and the heavenly host was real and watching how we behave man and even the church would be acting differently in most cases. We pray that we are found worthy to come before God during the first resurrection but we fear death so much that we panic. I recall the Apostle Saul (Paul) in one of his epistles telling us he would really like to die but for the "church" he wills to remain alive to continue his work. There's faith. So onto what has been revealed by our latest pandemic. We see how those we elect to serve us in congress behave. Without regard for those who need financial help the democrats pile onto their spending bill things like the "new green deal", money for abortions, money for an opera house in DC, legislation changing our voting laws, regulations to make our airline industry carbon free by 2025 and the like. The House led by the Democrats originate our spending and they thought that if the republicans balked at their political goals that they could blame them for slowing the money to those who need help. This type of politics and those that practice them are the reason our nation is in such trouble. One might even look at this morally and see that the lack of moral character that Pelosi and her gang have revealed cannot continue. Every emergency is a means to a political end for the Democrats. I certainly don't want to let all of the Republicans off the hook either but they are certainly on the moral high ground on this issue. Why are gun sales up especially with first time firearms purchasers? Even they don't trust the government to keep them safe which certainly is a wise acknowledgement on their part. I recall then President Clinton and President Bush number 1 telling us America is a service nation and we are changing from a manufacturing nation. This was sold to us so that NAFTA and GATT could be passed and allow our manufacturers to escape the insane regulations put upon them by the government. It also allowed these manufacturers to use cheap labor and lower the cost of many of America's products. This at the cost of the American jobs that were lost when these companies left our nation. Now we see the dangers that people such as Ross Perot and others warned of as we find ourselves at China's mercy for medicines. Thank God that President Trump has already started moving our manufacturing back home prior to this "pandemic". Do we remember the names President Trump was called by the left and some on the right for doing this? The media seems to have forgotten their own accusations in their reporting of President Trump's insight. So how long will America suffer under this pandemic and it's complications? Quite some time as the cost isn't even known as of yet and some American's will not recover financially and it won't be those who have friends in Congress. We hear talk of the military or the National Guard to keep the quarantine in place. Make no mistake if this happens we are under martial law and Posse Commitatus has been suspended. Why? Because we have allowed evil people to be put in positions to lead us when their only concern was their own well being. Now Americans are wondering why isn't our government saving us? I would ask; who did you vote for, how many times have you attended public meetings in your town, county or state to see what those you elect are doing? I know the latest show on TV is important and you only have so much time to lay around each day or weekend. This is the 'Citizens of America's fault they have been lazy and slothful not to mention immoral. Sounds harsh, well it should! Now for all of your lack of involvement you can panic while hiding in your home and praying the government will provide you the money that you never saved because you needed the latest iphone. Shame on us as a nation. I know plenty of people these complaints do not apply to as they have fought long and tirelessly for our nation and mostly without appreciation, that is a shame. I pray that this pandemic is harsh enough to wake up the dead citizens who only care about themselves. To my friends and you know who you are God Bless you all for all you have done for many years being "a voice in the wilderness". Semper Fi Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

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