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Will America Survive

10/12/21 American's have become enslaved by their desire to have money. I recognize this is a blanket statement and that necessities are purchased with money, the point is that Americans have in many ways a distorted perspective on what constitutes necessities. Sure all things are relative but lets look at the statement regarding Americans being enslaved.

With the attack on the world and specifically America by COVID from Communist China Americans have had to make some choices as to where their values lie. Lets look at the mask mandates either by law, regulation or employer rule. Many citizens have come to realize that the requirement to wear a face mask is, in reality, of little or no benefit health wise to the vast majority of our population. This being the case we still don our masks to go to work or out in public. Then we have the vaccine push that if Americans resist they can lose their jobs, not be able to fly, or go into public buildings or into private businesses. In fact our Nations' churches were all but shut down for well over a year. We hear of some that state "I won't get the vaccine" and then when they are threatened by either the Government's law or losing their job they roll over saying "I can't lose my job".

Tyranny always finds an excuse to take control of a Nation. Usually it is for the 'good' of the People and then once it has taken hold it exposes itself for the evil force it always has been. One doesn't need to look too far back into history to see examples of this. Our Nation's leaders argue and complain blaming the other side for the conditions we are suffering, all the while in most cases allowing the condition to grow worse. They ignore the "science" and logic and instead argue with unsupportable claims that are enforced through emotion. One of our Founding Fathers stated that if we "are willing to trade our freedom for security we deserve neither". A warning we should be thinking about this very moment in time. The stripping of our freedoms has never been greater than it is at this very time in our history and we are giving up without a fight. This is what happens when we elect either "the lesser of two evils" or more plainly, people without integrity and no moral foundation.

I think of Samuel Adams and how he would react to such intrusions by our Government and for those of us who live in New Hampshire of our 10th Amendment (I believe in our 2nd part of our Bill of Rights) to our State Constitution. If you haven't read it you are tardy and should do so right now. We are not willing to risk "our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor" to stand up for our Constitution and thus our Republic that is America. Shame on us! We have become to accustomed to complaining and doing nothing in response except sending a post on Facebook. Now Facebook will censor even those complaints and ban you if you don't "tolerate" the evils of tyranny that are upon us. Even our churches preach "tolerance". I ask a question is Jesus tolerant of evil? Pick up your Bible and see how He addressed evil or maybe how the Apostle John did in 1John. We have been far too tolerant of evil at every level and now we don't like it when it exposes itself to us, yet all we do is complain. This is true for many of our churches and most of our politicians and that leaves us, the Citizens to decide if America will indeed survive.

Semper Fi, Jerry

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At 8AM Tuesday, November 9, 2021 Jerry was released from FMC Devens prison to return home to his family and friends.

Here is how you can support Jerry and his homecoming.

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