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Working Toward a Presidential Pardon

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

I want to thank all of you that are working so hard for my freedom.  I know that everyone’s lives are busy and have their own personal trials and tribulations yet you take out time for me and I am most grateful.  It’s been nearly 4 years since I was taken from home and it has been quite a journey.

Sue has talked to GraniteGrok (Skip Murphy) and they have put up a site for a committee regarding me at the urging of my attorney.  I do not know the details but I believe it is for a list of those that support me being freed.  It may take some time for the word to get around as when Scott Barthelamy and Kim came to visit me today they were not aware of it yet so it may take a week or so for it to become known.  I know that I have many friends around the country that support me being freed and I pray that word gets to them through the grapevine.  It didn’t sound as if there was anything anyone needed to do but sign up but I’m sure that the details are on the GraniteGrok website.

I have believed I would be set free ahead of any sentence’s completion and I still believe that.  Your prayers carry much weight with God and hearts are moved through them.  Your prayers have carried me through this ordeal and I know I speak for Sue as well.

I ask you continue to pray for Sue and her mom as her mom’s time on earth is coming to a close.  Sue has been the best daughter anyone could hope to have and her mom has been blessed by Sue’s love and faithfulness.  We will be able to have joy in Mom’s passing as she has been faithful to God and His Son Jesus the Christ.  We can celebrate that fact and we should all be right with God as none of us know the day or the hour when our turn may come.  I keep you all in my prayers and those of you that have asked me to pray for others that I continue to do as well.

Another “ambassador in chains” Semper Fi, Jerry


Learn about the efforts working toward Jerry's pardon at and

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